Saturday, February 3, 2007


Bishop Kallistos Ware said “God became man so that man could become God,” but also that “God became man so that man could become man.”

Courtesy of Fr Stephen, at Glory to God in All Things, who attended the recent Colloquium on Orthodox Faith and has promised to put up audio links to the presentations.


Bernard Brandt said...

I will point out that while his Grace, Metropolitan Kallistos, said, "God became man so that man could become God," His Grace was quoting Saint Athanasios.

That said, you have an interesting weblog here. May I link to it?

Albion Land said...


Badly presented on my part, sorry.

You are most welcome to link here but, as you can see, the blog is in limbo for the time being. You appear to be Roman, but come over and visit us at The Continuum sometime.